Time to Kick Alcohol to The Curb?

Or maybe you would like to reduce your alcohol intake but still enjoy a wine from time-to-time?

Either way, you're in the right place!

You’re only seconds away from dramatically reducing your alcohol intake to a
level you love & respect!
Which one of these describes you the most accurately?
  • Curious & Cautious: You’re new to changing your relationship with alcohol. You don’t want to be drinking as much or as often as you currently are, but you also wouldn’t call yourself an ‘alcoholic’. You're really looking to drink less rather than go sober!
  • Excited, Long-Term Thinker: You're interested in creating a relationship with alcohol you love and respect. You don't want to give up alcohol all together. You enjoy a beverage but also know sometimes you've simply had too much so a little detox might be good for the soul!
  • Sick & Tired: You’re frustrated & annoyed that you continue drinking even when you tell yourself you won't. You've realised that learning to drink less alcohol can't be as painful as continuing to break the promises you make to yourself. It's time for a change. It's time to go all in! 

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Key Benefits & Ripple Effects from The Drink Less Feel Fresh Membership

Reduced Anxiety
(Feeling clearer & calmer on a weekly basis)
Increased Clarity & Confidence
(Professionally & personally)
Increased Productivity Levels
(From procrastination to action)

Improved Sleep
(The ability to enjoy going to bed & waking with a smile)
Overall, the ability to enjoy being in your own body! 

What Exactly Will I Walk Away With? 

  • The ability to start, maintain & complete a detox whenever you need
  • The ability to finally stick to your commitments when it comes to your alcohol intake. Replacing guilt with pride!
  • ​The art of reducing your intake by 50, 80 or even 100%. Getting your freedom back!
  • ​The ability to switch off at the end of the day confidently, calmly & stress free without alcohol
And ultimately, the chance to finally get on top of a life-long problem so you can get back to what matters most - Feeling Good about... YOU!

How Does the Feel Fresh Membership Work & What Do I Receive?

👉 Access to Australia's largest online alcohol reduction resource center, where you will learn exactly how so many members have dramatically reduced their intake. Beginning with your foundations course - The 6 DLFF Principles Video Series. 

This foundations video series will leave you feeling clear & confident & you will receive the videos immediately after becoming a member.

($497 Value)

👉 Weekly live Q & A with Tom Cartwright focused on delivering solutions to DLFF Member's top 100 'How to drink less' questions. These classes are fun, light-hearted & engaging.  

($299 Value)

👉 Live videos with Nat Hodges for accountability & daily insights on exactly how to stick to your alcohol reduction commitments! These videos (2-3 minutes) are straight to the point, highly educational and provide a look into mastering your emotional and psychological world.

($299 Value)

👉 Access to the DLFF Private Members Facebook Group for daily support, accountability & connection to others already succeeding


👉 Monthly invitations to our 3, 5 & 7-day detox challenges. This is the No.1 reason why people become DLFF Members. Do you want the opportunity to take a short break from alcohol once a month? This is definitely for you! 


That's Already Over $1000 Worth Of Value In The Membership Alone...

Price to Become a Drink Less Feel Fresh Member

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 

Start Drinking Less & Feeling Fresh for Just $97/Month

No Lock In Contract. Cancel Anytime.

For just $97/month you can begin crushing your commitments & finally living with choice!

We believe in no lock in contracts because many of our members achieve their goals in one month and many of our members want to stay and play for years. 

Therefore, we feel you should get to choose how long you do or don't want to be Feeling Fresh AF!

And let's be honest, we both know you'll be saving more than $97pm on alcohol each month :) - It's time to invest in our solutions rather than our problems! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Allowed to Drink?
The most common question new members have is, am I allowed to drink, or should I be detoxing?

We are Drink Less Feel Fresh for a reason. Abstinence is not the outcome, increased resilience and emotional intelligence to live with choice is the outcome. We will not tell you to drink or not to drink. That is not our responsibility. What we will do, is provide you with an overwhelming number of opportunities to reduce your alcohol intake. 

Some of our members are sober. Some of our members drink to a level they enjoy & some just loving the journey regardless.  Come and play & we can figure it out together :) 
Do I Need to Participate/Engage in All DLFF Activities?
No, you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. 

The question to ask yourself is “What would I like to get out of this community & support?"

Do I want to experience a 30, 60 or 90 day detox? Or like most of our members, do I want to join the community and simply learn to decrease my intake along the way?

Many of our members aren’t here for sobriety, they are here to lower their intake and change their relationship with alcohol over time. 
What Do I Do If I Have An Event Coming Up (Birthday, Wedding, Function Etc)?
These are the most common questions asked in the Facebook group and are answered in the weekly Live Videos. If you have any question along the lines of "What do I do if or when...?" you will love the weekly live Q & A!
What If I Don't Succeed?
The only way you don’t succeed is if you never really start.

Abstinence and sobriety isn’t the destination. Choice & freedom is what we are all about at DLFF. This is why members love the monthly subscription rather than pay thousands of dollars up front. 

Our members love that this is the process rather than a ‘succeed or fail’ or ‘only a certain amount of time’ approach. 

Remember, this program has been designed by Tom & Nat, who both know all to well what it’s like to make a decision and stumble a few times in the beginning. Let’s have some fun on this journey!
What Support Do I Have Access To?
As well as your online course & private Facebook Group, you can also email us at info@drinklessfeelfresh.com and we will make sure you are looked after. 
Do I Need Facebook for this Membership?
Yes. The DLFF private FB Group is where most of action happens. 
What Happens After I Sign Up For The Challenge?
You will immediately receive access to your membership via email. Once you’ve received this access, you are a member (congratulations) and have access to the support promised to you. Jump into the FB Group so we can say hi!
How Exactly Does The Payment Work & Are There Any Hidden Fees Involved?
This membership is a monthly subscription of $97pm. There is no joining fee, no minimum term and no cancellation fee. You can cancel your membership by emailing us at any time. 

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